Hello World

It's been maybe 5 years since I last created a blog/website for myself. Figured I'd re-create one! Right now I'm an associate software engineer at Red Hat. My plan for this blog is to focus on topics I enjoy or problems I've solved that others could learn from.

Apart from being a developer, I'm a gamer and a community moderator. I currently moderate communities of

With my primary focus on r/EliteDangerous and r/PlanetZoo.

What is it build on?

My previous website was made using CodeIgniter, with my own styling, my own database queries, and a lot of issues. I was able to query websites by their query, display the most popular posts and tags, and I had my own cards for my projects.

This time around I'm not going to waste time on a blog post, instead I will use a tool which is simple and powerful - Saber.

Saber is a static page generator built in VueJS, and the primary reason I chose this is because it is extremely versatile. It is essentially a Single Page Application that allows for VueJS and JavaScript within its Markdown pages. Like this:

Which is just this in the template. Simple!

<button @click="count++">{{ count }}</button>

export default {
  data() {
    return {
      count: 0